How make a monthly budget

Actualizado: jul 20

If you feel that the money is not enough for your monthly expenses, this will help you

When the money arrives in your bank what do you do first? how much money do you pay for your credit card? How much money do you have at the end of the month? Are you saving money? Let us help you to answer those questions

First, you have to establish how much income do you have? Think about how much money I get from my job, rent, investments and others incomes and write down like Incomes

Now let's think about your monthly expenses, food, transportation (Car, bus, taxi), Bills, etc. sometimes we try not to think about it but is necessary to establish a good budget. Finally, establish your debt mortgage, car, credit card etc.

When you already have this make the sum the expenses and the monthly payment of your debts; those are your passives, ie, are expenses that you have to pay every month, even if you have incomes or not, so try to have all of this the more low as possible and lower that your total income.

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