How much money do you need to start making trading?

Actualizado: jul 20

When we started making trading, that was our first question how much money is needed?

You can start with a low capital, many platforms accept deposits from 100 USD, but the real question is advisable start with 100 USD? To answer the question is necessary be check some items:

Forget the investing money in the short term:

This money is going to be your work capital so has to be in your trading account for a while, you cannot take this money to pay your next bill or buy and ice cream the next month, why? because this is your business and you have to take care of your business when is small that it's going to take care of you when grow up.

The principal goal in trading keep the capital:

How we say in the past item the investy money is your capital work, if you want to have a trading life, take care of your money so a bad day is not going to ruin your good ones and your capital don't be affected and be ready when the opportunity show again with a good trade.

Have a trading plan:

Before be in a trade have a plan; why? because you don't have to think when the trade is open only let it be; make sure at leats where is the entry, stop and take profit; so before be in a trade you already know your risk and profits expected.

Check your strategy:

To start making a habit is necessary 21 days, with trading works the same, you need 20 trades to be sure that your strategy is working well and you can trust it or you have to change

So when those items are clear if you want to start with 100 USD be sure that you don't need that money in the short term, define the stop loss and risk with a plan, be sure that the money can survive the 20 trades if you want to learn more we explain the strategy and the plan in our Trading Strategy Course

Learn trading strategy using candlestick chart and the technical analytics and their implications, identify the patterns with different time frames and recognize the right time to buy or sell, establish the stop loss and the take profit.

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