How to take advantage from the credit cards

Actualizado: jul 20

Learn how use wisely your credit cards

If you always see the credit card like a bad thing that you have to put away to don't spend more that you have, read carefully this post because I'm going to explain you how use in a good way to get benefit from it.

First you have to check with your bank the cutoff date, usually that is the last day on the month

Then check the available amount to borrow; for example 10.000 USD

So you can borrow X amount of money two days after the cutoff date and repay without interests one day before the cutoff date, you can invest the money and get benefits if you don't know an investment I left my post where I can invest if I don't have experience in the capital market.

Learn trading strategy using candlestick chart and the technical analytics and their implications, identify the patterns with different time frames and recognize the right time to buy or sell, establish the stop loss and the take profit.

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