Send money abroad without high commissions

Actualizado: jul 20

You have tried to make a transfer abroad and they have charged you too many commissions ... keep reading because below I will tell you the solution to send money abroad

First you and the person who is going to receive the money must register with Paxful you can click here to registrer; then go to buy Bitcoins from the country that you are going to send the money

Buy the amount of money you want to send abroad equivalent in BTC, when you already have the BTC in your account, make the transfer to the wallet of the person who will receive the money

Wait for the BTC transfer that take around of 30 mins and when the person already has the BTC in her/his wallet go to sell Bitcoin by selecting the country where he/she is located

Choose one of the vendors and voila! You have sent money abroad without paying high commissions

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will help you

This is Paxful's link:

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