Where I can invest if I don't have experience in the Capital Market

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If you have an extra money and do you don't know where you can invest here I'm going to tell you some options

Fixed Income

You can invest your money in some product that give you a fix income and you don't have to worried about if the market going up or down; you only sit down and wait that the money came to you; I give you an example of this cain of product in my post "Get more than 8% from your money" I left you the link so you can check

Buy the Index

If you are learning how invest in the capital market and do you know the risks, you can invest in the Index and follow the market, for example, you can buy the DIA that is the Dow Jones or SPY that is the S&P 500, so you are investing in the Market while learning, Here I left you the link for my course for the first steps in the Capital Market

Find a Portfolio Manager

Find someone that helps you to take the right decision for your investment, checking your profile, experinence in the market and experience in the market, and take care of your money. We provide this service so don't hesitate to contact us

Learn trading strategy using candlestick chart and the technical analytics and their implications, identify the patterns with different time frames and recognize the right time to buy or sell, establish the stop loss and the take profit.

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